19 June 2020

Mechanical Heart Assist

The Medical Engineering Team has developed a device for mechanical heart support for patients with an inefficient heart ventricle

By joining the Multi-Annual Program “Polish Artificial Heart” Centrum Techniki Okrętowej S.A. proposed the concept of implantable axial pump design for mechanical heart support (LVAD). The effects of our team’s work were published on the pages of the collective monograph entitled “Development of the axial design of the heart support pump”

The design of the pump provides long-term support for the failing heart with minimal hemolysis
(NIH in vitro = 12,2 *10-3 g/100L).

LVAD in vitro test
LVAD, heart assist device

In 2019, the drive and bearing assembly of the axial pump rotor was covered by patent protection.

LVAD animal test

In 2017, a qualified team of cardiac surgeons from Medical University of Gdańsk and veterinarians carried out implantation of two types of devices for mechanical support of the heart of three pigs. The research was conducted at the American Heart of Poland Research and Development Center (AHP). Mechanical support lasted 6 hours for each animal.

Currently, the Medical Engineering Team is conducting research that opens the path to starting clinical trials of the proprietary system for mechanical heart support and continues laboratory tests on miniaturization.

LVAD mini_pasek