22 June 2020

Test Stands

Medical Engineering Team offers a comprehensive service of designing and performing research stands enabling effective preparation and conducting research on a laboratory and industrial scale

The offer is addressed to a wide range of universities, research and development units, divisions of companies responsible for research and development and planning to implement a new product that requires testing.

We offer the transfer of acquired knowledge, experience and technologies enabling the development of areas of modern technologies, especially those falling within the scope of our Team activities.

The course of cooperation with the Medical Engineering Team:

  • Defining assumptions and requirements,
  • Presentation of the offer containing technical details, date of completion of works and their valuation,
  • Design preceded by necessary engineering calculations (supplemented by numerical simulation results if needed),
  • Fabrication of components of the station using numerical machine tools,
  • Completing and assembling test bench elements,
  • Pilot launch of the test stand,
  • Implementation of the research stand,
  • Training in the operation and use of the test stand.

Unconventional design approach, innovation and passion as well as continuous improvement of work and organization of our Team make us an ideal partner to solve your problems

We invite you to cooperation

Medical Engineering Team