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Heart Assist Device

Medical Engineering Division is working on the development of the proprietary centrifugal pump to support the heart. Our Team participated in the government’s “Polish Artificial Heart” Multiannual Program

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Aortic Bioprosthesis

MED completed the tasks of the project “Preclinical studies on the use of original Polish bionanocellulose (BNC) in regenerative medicine in the aspect of bioimplants in cardiac surgery and vascular surgery”

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Muscle Activity Monitoring System

Our team has developed a prototype device for monitoring muscle activity. You can customize its usable features individually

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Test stands

Oferujemy kompleksową usługę projektowania, wykonywania, testowania i wdrażania stanowisk badawczych i instalacji przemysłowych

Medical Engineering

Heart Assist Device, Aortic Valve Bioprosthesis, Test Stands, 3DPrinting

The Medical Engineering Team has been singled out at the Maritime Advanced Research Center Research and Development Department. From the very beginning, MED has been conducting research aimed at adapting modern technologies for use in medical engineering and related technical sciences. In the years 2007-2012, employees of the Team took part in the implementation of works aimed at designing and making an original model of an axial vortex pump to support the left ventricle, as part of the Multi-Annual Program Polish Artificial Heart. Commenced works are continued and expanded with further stages aimed at implementing the invention and bringing clinical application. In 2014, the Medical Engineering Team expanded its scope of activity to include research aimed at qualifying aortic valve prostheses for clinical trials, and to design and manufacture research stands.

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